Top 6 Apps For Small Business Owners

Before the world fell in the grip of the pandemic, being technically sound was a need but the world would still be functional and you could go about doing your tasks even the other way. But the pandemic has turned the situation upside down. In the present scenario being technically sound is not a niche skill but a necessity for everyone operating at any level. For a small business owner to be efficient with whatever little resource he/she has is necessary. The customer expects the best customer experience no matter the scale of your business.
Small business owners have a lot on their plate and function with minimal manpower. To be efficient with a little resource is a skill and there are many technical assets out there that come in handy in helping you do your tasks efficiently. Some apps are a must for small business owners not just to give the customers the best user experience but even for them to plan things out and go about managing them well.

Google Drive: This is a great tool to save all your data and share it with team members. This app has a very user-friendly interface plus it's completely free.

Canva: This app allows you to easily create social media images and edit photos without any graphic design knowledge. There is a paid pro version of the app available with more fonts and designs.

Camscanner: This free app lets you send documents and forms on the go. It photographs the document and converts it into a PDF or JPEG. You can take multiple photos and roll them into one document.

Trello: This is a project management app, it helps you manage and track personal projects as well as that of a team. This is a freemium app too which means certain features are paid while some are free.

Linkedin: Most may be aware of this app, it is a powerful marketing tool plus it can be used to send updates on the go, add new connections, recruit new hires, follow and keep an eye on your competitors.

Zoom: Physical meetings are currently a no-no, zoom as an app has proven to be a savior in such situations, it has created a video conferencing tool built for modern teams which helps in keeping your operations running smoothly.


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